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Experiences to Savour, Appreciate & Enjoy,

that Make Your Heart Sing & put a Smile on Your Face!

I Welcome

Women who love to be inspired & get more out of life,

who want to live a more memorable & extraordinary life.

Women who are successful & know the value of looking after themselves

& ensuring there is enough enjoyment in their life.

Women who are ready to explore, to enjoy the sensuality

sensory pleasure of a unique experience

– whether that’s a Luscious Lunch, a Break from the Norm or a Trip of a Lifetime.

Women who know this is their time…

who don’t want time to slip by…

who are ready to wake up and smell the roses (maybe literally!).

Women who are ready for change but don’t want traditional coaching or networking.

Unique & Exquisite Events – The Clubroom

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“Adventuring with Karen Kennaby’s Unique & Exquisite Events

is like jumping into a beautiful story”

“I love the kind of travel experience that takes you on a magic carpet ride rather than down a humdrum path. Lots of companies promise something different, but usually, what you get, is a slightly less well-known location and nothing more. But – adventuring with Karen Kennaby’s Unique & Exquisite Events is like jumping into a beautiful story, where – with each turn of the page another exquisite and amazing experience is revealed and you are the one that actually gets to live it, taste it, feel it, fly over it, absorb it, play with it, laugh, dance, or simply sit with it.

Karen has poured her heart, skill and knowledge into crafting unique experiences that are born from her deep love of the world and the endless possibilities that exist. Join her and be one of the few that actually turn storybook fantasies into reality. Holidays will never be the same…”

Debs de Vries, The Menopause Mentor


Open the door, lift the lid, find hidden treasures & delights

to inspire, enchant & empower you!

Come (A)Way Beyond Imagination


My mission & desire is to help you experience more joy, delight,

inspiration & connection in your one precious life!

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