A Wonderful Weekend with Andrea Bocelli 

near His Home Town in the Heart of the Tuscan Hills

26th to 29th July 2019


Come with me….

for this romantic “once in a lifetime” opportunity,

a sensual, joyful, romantic, unique, exquisite event

– exclusively for ladies!


Friday 26th to Monday 29th July 2019


The Tuscan Countryside


Come (A)Way Beyond Imagination…

Who is this Experience for?

Women who are ready to explore, to enjoy the sensuality and sensory pleasure of a unique experience.

Women who certainly don’t want a “singles holiday” but do love the idea of travelling with a small group of like minded women.

Women who are a little tired of being the golf/work/whatever “widow” and want to get out and do something special for themselves.

Women who are succesful, who know the value of looking after themselves and ensuring there is enough enjoyment in their life.

Women looking for a unique experience to do with a daughter, girlfriend, sister or other special woman.

Women who know this is their time… who don’t want time to slip by… who are ready to wake up and smell the roses – quite literally!

What Makes it Unique & Exquisite?

Experience the maestro Andrea Bocelli performing at the Teatro del Silenzio – the open air theatre just outside his home town of Lajatico. He only does this once per year and it is always sold out! This year, for the first time, his son Matteo will be one of his guests. We have the BEST seats – in the Executive section with VIP passes

Awaken your senses – listen to the ravishing music, watch the spectacular production, see the beautiful Tuscan countryside,

Hunt for truffles! 

BE shown how to cook the most DELICIOUS Tuscan dishes as we enjoy a class with an Uncle and Niece passionate about their heritage

Enjoy the famous Tuscan red wine and olive oil at a local winery

Visit a UNESCO World Heritage Site – since 1990, San Gimignano offers visitors the chance to step back in time while enjoying its local products including saffron and its white wine, the Vernaccia di San Gimignano

There is nowhere else in the world that you can enjoy these unique & exquisite experiences in a small group of women!

What’s Possible by the End of this Journey?

Just imagine… returning from an exclusive journey designed to stimulate the senses.

A journey when you’ve been to places most people haven’t heard of, let alone visited!

A journey when you do things you’ve never imagined doing! 

A journey when you’ve created memories  that last a lifetime, stories to share, pictures to post!

A journey that wakes you up, inspires you, recharges you & returns you fulfilled, your heart topped up!

A Special Location

Tuscany is glorious! Featured in movies such as “Under the Tuscan Sun” it is one of “those” locations that make the heart flutter a bit just to think of them. We are staying in the heart of the Tuscan countryside with all those classic views…close to San Gimigniano and Volterra. 

Exploring the Senses

Delve deep into all that, into our 5 senses and let our 6th sense come up and open up to tap deeper into our innate wisdom and intuition. Get connected into the deeper energies and return topped up and fully expressed as a woman and a human. Just imagine what this could do for your relationships, your work and all aspects of your life.



The production of this year’s performance is set to be even more spectacular than usual – lucky us! As we watch Andrea Bocelli, his son Matteo and his other invited guest performers we’ll enjoy the light going down, the Teatro lights coming up and the excitement building. We’ll enjoy the Tuscan countryside and magical towns. 


Fresh fragrant flowers, clean air, fresh coffee, truffles, fresh off the vine tomatoes, quintessential Tuscan food, herbs, wine….ah…


What takes your fancy? Bruschetta, pasta, steak, artichokes, truffles, zuchini flowers, ripe tomatoes…so much to choose from!


The achingly romantic music of Andrea Bocelli made especially magical as he performs in his own Teatro del Silenzio outside his home town, the stillness of the countryside, perhaps a soft breeze…your heart pounding!



Mmmm… sounds glorious!

Just Imagine…

Join me for a Unique and Exquisite experience as we travel to Tuscany to hear, and see, the Maestro Andrea Bocelli perform live at the Teatro del Silenzio outside his home town of Lajatico! This happens just once a year and is always sold out.

Imagine sitting in our VIP Executive seats right at the front – the atmosphere, the music, the production, the romance. The buzz as this spectacular concert takes place – literally right before your very eyes.

This year’s concert – Ali di Liberta (The Wings of Freedom) – has been created to tie in with the 500th anniversary of Leondardo da’ Vinci and celebrates flight in all manner of forms – it sounds very exciting! 

Alongside Andrea himself he will also have guest performers including his son Matteo. 

Wrapping this into a glorious weekend we will also go truffle hunting, take part in a Tuscan cooking class, taste the exceptional Tuscan red wine and olive oil and explore some of the small towns close to our hotel. 

This is an exlusive, intimate, fully inclusive experience – there will be a maximum of 7 (and 5 are already booked…)

a true delight for the senses

an awakening of the soul…

An adventure, a trip of a lifetime, a retreat from the every day, 

an opportunity to explore, to relax & recharge.

This is a gorgeous, juicy, magical trip,

it brings your senses to life in a unique & exquisite way…

I’d love you to join us!

Luxurious and Authentic Venue

Arrive, land & join in the fun as we gather in Pisa. You will be met at the airport and taken to our meeting place in Pisa to facilitate different flight arrival times. 

We will then travel together, in our luxury Mercedes vehicle, to our beautiful and authentically Tuscan hotel in the countryside – close to Montaione – where we will spend our 3 nights together. 

With it’s beautiful setting, swimming pool, spa, excellent restaurant and extremely comfortable rooms we will have a perfect base to call our own.

Your own room throughout, no sharing – there is no single occupancy extra charge (I hate those, don’t you!?) – but if you want to bring a friend, mother, daughter or special someone just let me know and we’ll see if we can do a special rate for you!

Tuscan Cuisine

Think simple ingredients perfectly combined to create rich & unique dishes

Freshly picked ingredients such as tomatoes – full of fragrance and flavour

Truffles that we experience being literally unearthed!

Making local dishes ourselves which we can reproduce when we return home!




Friday – Arrive, land & join the fun as we gather in Pisa and then head for our authentic and beautiful hotel in the Tuscan countryside near Montaione. A perfect base for the concert at Lajatico, for our truffle hunting and cooking class in San Gimigniano and for exploring. We’ll enjoy dinner which has a great reputation for it’s food, and wine!


Saturday – Containing our excitement at what is to come this evening we’ll have a relaxed breakfast and then go out for a little while to taste local wine and olive oil at a local winery, accompanied by some classic Tuscan nibbles! We will return to the hotel for a siesta and then, probably, something to eat before we head to the Teatro del Silenzio for the star of our weekend – Andrea Bocelli’s concert – “Ali di Liberta” (the Wings of Freedom). We have VIP passes for the concert and seats right at the front! We will have a drink on arrival and something to eat. The concert (theoretically! this is Italy!!!) starts at 8.30 and will finish around midnight when our driver will return us to our hotel.

Sunday – Excitement of a very different kind today! We will go truffle hunting and then enjoy a Tuscan cooking class with an Uncle and Niece in San Gimigniano! So we won’t be singing for our supper we’ll be cooking for our lunch! (sorry!) After lunch we’ll have a wander round the delightful town of San Gimigniano before returning to the hotel for dinner. 

Monday – sadly it is time to return to Pisa for our return flights home having made new friends, experienced something most people never do in their life time and buzzing with joy and contentment! That’s the plan! You will be returned to the airport to catch your flight after fond farewells.



  • Enjoy delicious authentic foods & drink
  • Enjoy fabulous company & make friends along the way – other fabulous women to share all the sights, sounds, smells, tastes & textures that Tuscany has to offer
  • Do as much or as little as you wish… this is your time
  • Relax knowing knowing that everything is taken care of – from the moment you arrive at Pisa airport to when you return. You will be looked after every step of the way. You will be transported in comfort with a highly experienced chauffeur and guide, accompanied by myself, my colleagues and our property host

Wow! My heart says yes!

Why You Deserve to Experience this Trip of a Lifetime! 


Experiences are the new currency. Increasingly people are swapping from spending on “things” to experiences… why?

Because experiences bring a deeper value; they last in our lives in a way that posessions don’t – they touch us at a deep level – our heart, mind and soul and often taking us to places within ourselves that we previously hadn’t experienced.  Experiences are, or can be, transformational and this trip of a lifetime is just that – a transformational experience that will have you return topped up, enthused about life, clear, focussed and ready to take your life to a new level. 

It’s often said that travel expands the mind and deepens the soul – indeed it does! But more than that, travel expands US as individuals, our capacity for growth and understanding, our true potential. This is an invitation to experience that.

The old adage “a change is as good as a rest” is so true.

You cannot expect yourself to be able to work full out, look after everyone else in your life and keep going endlessly unless you recharge your energy banks. Investing in this trip will pay dividends you cannot yet imagine. 

“Adventuring with Unique & Exquisite Events is like jumping into a beautiful story where – with each turn of the page, another exquisite and amazing experience is revealed and you are the one that actually gets to live it, taste it, feel it, fly over it, absorb it, play with it, laugh, dance, or simply sit with it.”


 The Early Bird price is just £2600 fully inclusive for 3 nights with the best VIP seats and passes for the Andrea Bocelli concert

ALL meals, wine, drinks, tours, experiences, gifts….really, everything! … included!!! No need to bring any money (except for souvenirs and presents to take home) or make any decisions just relax and enjoy the wonderful experience. Be looked after, you deserve it.

Full price is £2900

A payment plan is available for those booking early and your place can be secured with a £900 deposit.

I can’t wait to go!

Meet Your Host Karen Kennaby…

Karen trained and worked in hotel management and went on to have a 7-figure event management company with a team of 24 at peak for 21 years! Taking a break from that she has been a transformational life coach for well over a decade and now has brought all her passion for events, travel, food, transformation and connection to create wonder-full, delicious, fun, unique & exquisite events for intimate groups of women – sharing her passion for exploring and finding the joy in everything she does. You are in caring, well organised, hands with Karen & her carefully picked team.

Would you like to have a chat before deciding? My pleasure!

Email me karen@karenkennaby.com and let’s set up a convenient time.

There are only 7 places and 5 people have booked already so please don’t wait too long…

Amazing, I’m in!

Comments from Previous Trips…

“The tour was indeed unique and an exquisite treat for all senses! I was absolutely blown away by the places we visited and stayed at; from the beautiful riad and the rose harvest in the Dades valley to the gorgeous luxurious tents among the sand dunes of the Sahara desert! To see the sunrise over the dunes in the desert by camelback will remain a memory for life and Morocco is a stunning country with wonderful people, food and architecture.”

“Karen has a very fine-tuned sense for everything that goes on around you and makes sure all is organised to perfection; that everyone is comfortable and that the food, tours and hotels are of the highest quality and standards”

“I had never met Karen before the trip, but knew already from our lovely phone conversations that I was in very good and caring hands”

“Karen has poured her heart, skill and knowledge into crafting unique experiences that are born from her deep love of the world and the endless possibilities that exist. Join her and be one of the few that actually turn story book fantasies into reality. Holidays will never be the same…”

“I love the kind of travel experience that takes you on a magic carpet ride rather than down a humdrum path.  Lots of companies promise something different, but usually, what you get, is a slightly less well known location and nothing more.    But – adventuring with Unique & Exquisite Events is like jumping into a beautiful story where – with each turn of the page, another exquisite and amazing experience is revealed and you are the one that actually gets to live it, taste it, feel it, fly over it, absorb it, play with it, laugh, dance, or simply sit with it.”

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