In this day and age we have a huge selection of smoked food. From traditional smoked salmon or smoked cheese, brilliant minds have come up with more peculiar things to smoke, such as smoked water.

When you smoke food, you are adding flavour, cooking or preserving the ingredients. Most of the time the smoking process is done with wood, but certain fragrances can also be added to give unique tastes to the food you are smoking. 

Nowadays you can even buy smokers to do this process on your own. However, it is also recommendable to be cautious with the amount of smoked food eaten as some health problems are associated with smoked dishes. This is why it should always be done in moderation.

In this blog we will talk about some of the most unique smoked food (or beverages) you can find and some unique tips or recipes. 

Smoked Salmon

Almost everyone has tried smoked salmon and it is very few who do not really like this dish. Smoking this fish with different woods gives the salmon a particular and unique flavour. The fish is also good without smoking, but I would say the flavour will not be quite the same and it is probable that if you do not like salmon smoked you will like it on its own or vice versa, so try this fish both ways!  

If you are having smoked salmon at home, try adding some horseradish or cream cheese to it to combine different flavours on your palate. If you live in London but do not have a smoker or a place to buy smoked fish, in the Secret Smoke House you can find not only smoked salmon but also smoked trout or kippers, in case you want to try something a bit different! 

Smoked Cheese

This has become another classic and it is easier to find in all kinds of markets, especially during christmas markets. Almost all kinds of cheese are smoked, from ricotta to mozzarella or gouda cheese. If you are looking at creating a smoked cheese platter to accompany with some fresh fruits and wine, in this list you can find some of the most recommended smoked cheeses. 

Besides serving smoked cheese on it’s own, which is always a great idea, you can add it in many mains or appetizers. For example, you could have smoked mac and cheese, giving a new flavour and touch to this simple dish. 

Cheeses are very versatile, and are used as starters, mains or desserts. In fact, many restaurants in France serve cheese as dessert after a meal. Thinking about other ways to add cheese in our dessert, we can come up quite quickly with cheesecakes, which can also be smoked. If you want to learn more about how to make a delicious smoked Oreo Cheesecake, then this is your recipe

Smoked Water

You have read right, smoked water! There have been various attempts to make water taste different or add nutrients in it by adding fruit, cucumber or vitamins. However, smoked water seems to be at a different level. 

When you look at smoked water you realise it looks a bit like whiskey. This water is filtered and smoked throughout several days, changing its colour and adding the smoked flavour.

Nevertheless, it makes you wonder if you really want to be drinking water that has smoke particles in it. And probably, hydration is not what it is best for. Thus it can be used in cooking to give your dishes a delicious smoky flavour. Halen Môn, the producer of this water, adds in their description that it can be added to soups or casseroles as well as to the broth to make an exquisite risotto. 

If you are curious to try smoked water, Halen Môn sells 100ml for £4.15. Link to their product here. Water-you waiting for? 

Smoked Fruits

If you want to try something different from fresh fruits or oven-dried fruit, maybe smoked fruits are for you! The process for smoking fruit is the same as it would be to smoke fish or cheese, and it brings new textures to some dishes, making it a grape option. 

Some fruit you could try smoked are avocados (especially if you are looking for a unique guacamole!), mangoes or peaches. In his article, Chuck Blount however believes other fruit like strawberries, grapes or bananas are not worth a try. 

Besides fruit, you can also smoke nuts. Walnuts, almonds or pecans are good options for this, and they can be added to your smoked-cheese platter or to salads to bring exquisite new flavours. Go nuts creating new dishes! 

Smoked rum

If you want to surprise your guests with a unique drink, then perhaps you could look into smoked rum. Stolen Smoked Rum came up with the first smoked rum. Made with sugar cane from Trinidad, the flavour of coffee is added to this drink, and then is smoked with American hardwood. According to their website, it is “roasty, caramelly, and pleasantly but not overbearingly smoky”. 

However, this rum is only available for now in the United States, New Zealand and Australia, giving you a perfect excuse to travel and explore these countries! 

What do you think about this list? We are sure you have tried at least some of the things on the list, but are the other ones shocking or a pleasant surprise you are eager to try now? Write us a comment with your thoughts or any creative smoked dish you have tried! 

Author: Maria Gomez