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21 Reasons to Join the Unique & Exquisite Lifestyle Club

Time to get more out of life! Take all the buzz, topics, events and conversations in the Group and make it REAL – offline real, face to face real!

The Unique & Exquisite Lifestyle Club is your “go to” place for women to go on an adventure with, to share a meaningful conversation with, to clink glasses of bubbly on a rooftop with! And…so much more.

The Unique & Exquisite Lifestyle Club is a place where you can explore, be you or be MORE you – where you can experiment with what else life has to offer that makes you feel good, special and joyful.

Join now as a Founder Member and help to shape the Membership whilst paying just half the normal price! Just £21 a month!!

If you are in the first 21 Members to join we will fix £21 per month as your LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP FEE!!!

This is perfect for you if:


  • You’d like more excitement in your life

  • You know you are bad at “treating” yourself and this gives you a great opportunity to do so!

  • You love the company of like minded (and different minded!) women

  • You love exploring, travelling, eating out and having fun but don’t have anyone special to do so with

  • You enjoy meaningful conversations – and you love chilling out and laughing too!

  • You want to experience more culture and outings that stimulate you heart, mind and soul

  • You don’t want to be “all work and no play”, you know it makes anyone a “plain Jane”… (and you know that’s a danger for you, eek!)


Here’s what happens in the Club – our aim is to help you have a life you love


  • Monthly “get togethers” (initially London) – free for members, £15 non members (own costs food, drink, entrances) meals, drinks, gallery, concert, walks…

  • Monthly Virtual or In-Person Cocktail Hour – add a little fizz to your life and get together with other fabulous women in the Club to make our featured Cocktail of the Month! Come in person or join us online for this fun activity and lots of bubbly conversation!

  • Discount on all bigger events – minimum 10% and sometimes more!

  • Quarterly House Parties – just for members. Gorgeous weekend events in different stylish venues where we will relax, get to know one another, cook, play games, drink wine, talk (maybe into the night!) and have a guest on the Saturday afternoon to teach us about something whether that be image, crypto, a type of art, writing…so many options!

  • Having a fuss made of you on your Birthday! Your birthday month being free and a Birthday gift (because we can be bad at receiving)

  • Personalised recommendations eg food, drink, gardening – building your own recipe for joy with events that are tailored/hand-picked for you and your interests

  • Receiving Members Love Notes– printed & posted with a little gift,

  • Getting Hints and tips (get your questions you don’t know who to ask answered. Where to get a unique gift for someone who has everything, what to wear to Henley…)

  • Ticket Sharing Notice Board. Being able to share a spare ticket with another member if you’ve got a spare and no one to go with.

  • Never having to experience FOMO because you’ve got a group of people to go with to something special

  • Promoting what you do within the Group

  • A complimentary call with me if you just need to talk something over…

  • You love that you don’t pay membership for your birthday month or the “holiday season” month (whatever that is for you) – what a lovely gift. So whilst Membership should be £50 per month because you only pay for 10 months it is just £42 per month!

  • You love that FOUNDER MEMBERS only pay half price for their first year of Membership – until 1st. September 2019 – ie just £21!

  • And you love that the first 21 Members to join get that £21 per month rate fixed FOR LIFE!

Join Now! Become a Founder Member!

Monthly Fee just £21 if you join before 1st September 2019!

Normal Membership Fee £42 per mont.

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