Ignite Your Zest for Life, Re-Connect to & Inspire the Real You on this Compelling & Stimulating Journey of the Senses 

Saturday 27th April to Sunday 5th May 2019

Marrakech & Kalaat M’Gouna, The Valley of the Roses, High Atlas Mountains & The Sahara Desert

Come with me on a journey of the senses….

Are you ready to explore, to enjoy the sensuality and seductive pleasure of a unique experience?

Do you love the idea of travelling with a small group of like minded women?

Do you want to do something special for yourself?

Are you are succesful, know the value of looking after yourself and ensuring there is enough enjoyment in your life?

Are you looking for an experience like no other to do with a daughter, girlfriend, sister or other special woman?

You know this is your time… don’t let it to slip by… get ready to wake up and smell the roses – quite literally!

Just imagine… returning from an exclusive journey designed to stimulate the senses.

A journey when you’ve been to places most people haven’t heard of, let alone visited!

A journey when you do things you’ve never imagined doing! 

A journey when you’ve created memories that last a lifetime, stories to share, pictures to post!

A journey that wakes you up, inspires you, recharges you & returns you fulfilled, your heart topped up!

Come (A)Way Beyond Imagination…

What Makes it Unique & Exquisite?

Discover the Valley of the Roses in the High Atlas Mountains in Morocco during the rose harvest, the place where damask roses grow in hedgerows & are used by some of the world’s top perfume houses! 

Awaken your senses – sit in, roll in, lie in rose petals freshly harvested & be cocooned by the ravishing perfume! 

Explore a facinating UNESCO World Heritage Site – a 12th century village that was phenomenally wealthy from salt!

Sleep under a canopy of stars in a dark sky, unpolluted by light, in a luxury camp run by Bedouins – with haunting music around the campfire!

Enjoy treks at sunset & sunrise on our camels… seeing images & views you will remember forever!

There is nowhere else in the world that you can enjoy these unique & exquisite experiences in a small group of women!

Just Imagine…

Being in a valley in the High Atlas mountains where the air is pure and full of the scent of roses

Sleeping in a luxury desert camp under a canopy of bright stars in a black sky

Seeing the sunrise from the top of a sand dune in the Sahara – looking out at an expanse that seems to go on forever – and with the moon not yet ready to leave! 

Tasting exquisite food, smelling exotic spices, exploring souqs, cooking the local cuisine

Floating above the desert and the mountains in a hot air balloon, with a glass of champagne in your hand!

Feeling the touch of fabrics and oils on your skin

Hearing the hypnotic music of the Berber tribes people

Relaxing knowing everything is taken care of from the start to the finish, nothing to worry about or decisions to make

The blissful movement of gentle morning yoga each day

a true delight for the senses

a caressing of your heart

an awakening of the soul…

A Very Special Location

The Valley of the Roses is known by few and explored by even less, but it is where a high percentage

of the damask rose petals have traditionally been harvested for the world’s top perfumers.

May is harvest time – imagine the heavenly smell, the delightful sight of the pickers at dawn,

the uniquely local celebrations and the unforgettable experience.

Luxury and Authentic Venues

You will arrive, land & join in the fun as we gather in the exciting Red City itself – Marrakech! You’ll have your first 2 nights right in the centre, staying in a beautiful Riad – traditional but with every modern comfort.

For your time in the Dades Gorge close to the Valley of the Roses you’ll spend 3 nights in an exquisite kasbah – lovingly designed, built & run by its passionate owner & amazing host, Mastapha.

Next you’ll spend 2 nights in a luxury desert camp in the Sahara – and when I say luxury I’m talking ensuite showers in each of the beautiful tents, don’t think back to your scouting or guiding days!!!

You’ll create memories that will last forever as you camel trek at sunset & sunrise – truly this experience is fixed so strongly in my heart from last time I really can’t wait for you to experience it too – sit around the camp fire & listen to local music & enjoy the Berber hospitality. 

For your last night, after our long drive, you’ll love relaxing in the stunning, calm & elegant setting of our beautiful hotel in the Palmerie area outside Marrakech  – a chance to let those wonderful memories settle and share precious time with new found friends before returning home.

Your own room throughout, no sharing – there is no single occupancy extra charge (I hate those, don’t you!?) – but if you’d like to bring a friend, mother, daughter or special someone just let me know and we’ll do a special rate for you!

Moroccan Cuisine

Just imagine those warming spices, exotic smells & more-ish flavours!

You’ll enjoy tagines & couscous, vegetable salads, b’stilla – the unique pigeon and almond pie flavoured with cinnamon, saffron and fresh coriander (so yummy!).

You’ll find the variety is wide and delicious and if you have specific dietary preferences we can look after those for you with advance notice. 

Moroccan whisky is offered everywhere – that’s the fun name for mint tea! 



Arrive, land & join the fun as you begin this wonderful trip in the Red City itself – stunning, vibrant and exciting Marrakech. After time to unpack and relax you’ll start to explore with our local guide and enjoy the changing atmosphere as day falls and night awakens – a real stimulation of the senses! The sights, sounds, smells, tastes and the emotions this vibrant place evokes is quite unique.

Camels head for dinner anyone…?!


A real treat of a very different kind. After a traditional Berber breakfast on location you’ll have a fabulous hot air balloon ride over the desert, villages and mountains with a glass of bubbly in hand! Spectacular and fun for novices or experienced ballooners alike.

Returning to Marrakech you’ll visit the gorgeous Jardins Majorelle, home for many years to Yves St Laurent, enjoying lunch in the garden cafe and then back for a little rest before heading out to enjoy a moveable feast on a fun food tour, finding treats you’d never find on our own!


A full day of spectacular scenery as we travel over the Tizi n’Tichka mountain pass through the High Atlas Mountains, passing Berber villages and stopping for mint tea and to discover Argan Oil from the source – so intriguing! You’ll also stop and visit a facinating UNESCO World Heritage Site that dates back to the 12th century.

You’ll spend 3 nights in an exquisite riad in the Dades Gorge – lovingly designed, built & run by its passionate owner, amazing host and master chef, Mastapha.

Tuesday & Wednesday 

You’ll see the damask roses being picked from the hedgerows by local ladies, gathered & distilled, picking some ourselves too. The tiny blooms pack a powerful punch of perfume! Don’t expect fields of roses – it’s much more fun than that as we follow ancient paths to see the roses growing in the hedgerows. If we’re lucky you’ll be able to cover yourself in rose petals (as we did last year!) – you can imagine the scent – it made us quite giddy and giggley!

You’ll walk in the beautiful Dades Gorge with our local guide, savouring the peace and abundance in this lovely place. Time to soak up the atmosphere and relax, to enjoy yoga on the roof terrace, to sip mint tea and write in your journal. 


You’ll head off on the next part of our journey – through valleys and mountains, miles of palms, a 300 metre high gorge and see incredible ancient water channels. As the Sahara comes into view the excitement grows! Transferring to 4x4s you’ll have a fun (and bumpy!) drive through a prehistoric landscape of grey rocks and sand with turtle fossils and camels, then into soft yellow sand as you arrive in our luxury desert camp.

You’ll spend 2 nights in the Sahara creating memories that will last forever. You’ll camel trek at sunset and sunrise, sit around the camp fire listening to the local music and enjoy the Berber hospitality. Even have a go at playing some of the very different instruments if you wish!


Enjoy a day relaxing in a spa hotel on the edge of the desert, chilling by the pool and enjoying the weather OR take part in an adrenalin fueled exploration of the desert in 4x4s…the choice is yours!

The following morning an early start pays dividends as you ride your camel through the quiet dunes with even the desert animals still asleep! With the moon still shining you’ll go to the top of one of the dunes and sit and watch the sunrise over the vast, never ending, landscape – truly this memory will stay with you forever.


You’ll leave the desert – perhaps stopping to say hello to the camel herder and his wild camel families – and continue to Marrakech via villages, mountain passes, gorges and so much more.

Your final evening and night will be in the peaceful, elegant, surroundings of our luxury hotel in the Palmerie just outside Marrakech, a chance to reflect and chat about our adventure with new made friends over a delicious meal on the garden terrace.


Time to bid farewell to Morocco and return home brimming with memories, stories and energy!

Farewell, au revoir but not goodbye…


You’ll enjoy delicious authentic foods & drink
You can take part in gentle yoga sessions each day if you wish
You’ll enjoy fabulous company & make new friends along the way –  other fabulous women to share all the sights, sounds, smells, tastes & textures that this part of Morocco has to offer
You can do as much or as little as you wish… this is your time
You can relax….aaaah!… knowing knowing that everything is taken care of – from the moment you arrive at Marrakech airport to when you return.

You will be looked after every step of the way.

You will be transported in comfort with a highly experienced chauffeur and guide, accompanied by myself, my colleague and our exquistie property hosts

*Although this is the general overall programme for the trip, some details of the itinerary are subject to change 

Sounds delicious!

Exploring the Senses

Delve deep into your 5 senses and let your 6th sense come alive!

Open your heart and tap deeper into your innate wisdom and intuition.

Get connected to your deeper energies and return topped up and fully expressed as the incredible woman that you are.

Just imagine what this experience will do for your relationships, your work and all aspects of your life.

You will see…

The exotic Palmerie palms, the stunning grandeur of the Atlas Mountains, the charming Valley of the Roses, unforgettable glow of dramatic sunsets & sunrises, the vast desert sand dunes, changing light over lively J’maa El Fna, the decorative tiles and romantic arches of Moorish architcture, the vibrant and colourful souks of Marrakesh… 

You will smell…

Fresh scented flowers, aromatic Moorish herbs and spices, warm freshly baked bread, smoky fires, handmade leather goods, fragrant Moroccan incense, sweet orange blossom water, fresh clean mountain air…

You will taste…

Warming Moroccan spices of hearty tagines, vibrant salads, “Moroccan Whisky” – the sweet mint tea, sharp perserved lemons, deliciously soft date pastries, succulent fresh fruit straight from the tree, and perhaps the fizz of champagne on the tongue…

You will hear…

Traditional rich and rhythmic Berber music, tranquil native bird song, the mesmorising call to prayer, water fountains babbling, the calming breeze as it rustles and awakens the rose bushes…

You will feel…

Luxurious hand-crafted tapesty and fabrics, the fleecy coat of a camel, warm sand sifting through fingertips and between toes, soft velvety rose petals, soothing argan and rose oils… 

My heart says yes!

An adventure, a trip of a lifetime, a retreat from the every day, 

an opportunity to explore, to relax & recharge.

This is a gorgeous, juicy, magical trip,

it brings your senses to life in a unique & exquisite way…

I’d love you to join us!

“Adventuring with Unique & Exquisite Events is like jumping into a beautiful story where – with each turn of the page, another exquisite and amazing experience is revealed and you are the one that actually gets to live it, taste it, feel it, fly over it, absorb it, play with it, laugh, dance, or simply sit with it.”

Meet Your Host Karen Kennaby…

Hello and welcome! I trained and worked in hotel management and went on to have a 7-figure event management company with a team of 24 at peak for 21 years so I know a thing or two about events and I absolutely love hospitality! I have also been a transformational life coach for well over a decade and now with Unique & Exquisite Events I’ve brought all my passion for events, travel, food, transformation and connection to create wonder-full, delicious, fun, unique & exquisite events for intimate groups of women – sharing my delight in exploring and finding the joy in everything I do. You are in caring, well organised, experience hands with me & my very carefully picked team.

I understand that life can be rather humdrum at times, rather ordinary, rather uninspiring, rather challenging. Work, relationships, family, possibly being an expat, balancing, juggling, health, loneliness…any or all of this can take its toll, it certainly has on me at times along the way. Sometimes life changes can make us feel very alone too.

It is absolutely my commitment to help you find some inspiration…a breathe of fresh air…a new persepctive. To unlock a smile that may have been hidden for a while, one that comes from the heart.

It’s time to come (a)way beyond imagination with me!

with love and joy,

Karen xxx

Would you like to have a chat before deciding? My pleasure!

Email me karen@karenkennaby.com and let’s set up a convenient time.

There are only 11 places and 28 people interested already so please don’t wait too long…

Wow, I’m in!


 The Early Bird price is just $4,995 fully inclusive for 8 nights in amazing places with all meals, wine, drinks, tours, experiences, gifts….really, everything! … included!!! No need to bring any money (except for souvenirs and presents to take home) or make any decisions just relax and enjoy the wonderful experience. Be looked after, you deserve it.

Full price is $5,995

A payment plan is available for those booking early and your place can be secured with a $500 deposit.

Can we go now?!

Comments from Last Year’s Trip…

“The tour was indeed unique and an exquisite treat for all senses! I was absolutely blown away by the places we visited and stayed at; from the beautiful riad and the rose harvest in the Dades valley to the gorgeous luxurious tents among the sand dunes of the Sahara desert! To see the sunrise over the dunes in the desert by camelback will remain a memory for life and Morocco is a stunning country with wonderful people, food and architecture.”

“Karen has a very fine-tuned sense for everything that goes on around you and makes sure all is organised to perfection; that everyone is comfortable and that the food, tours and hotels are of the highest quality and standards”

“I had never met Karen before the trip, but knew already from our lovely phone conversations that I was in very good and caring hands”

Why wait any longer…?

“Karen has poured her heart, skill and knowledge into crafting unique experiences that are born from her deep love of the world and the endless possibilities that exist. Join her and be one of the few that actually turn story book fantasies into reality. Holidays will never be the same…”

“I love the kind of travel experience that takes you on a magic carpet ride rather than down a humdrum path.  Lots of companies promise something different, but usually, what you get, is a slightly less well known location and nothing more.    But – adventuring with Unique & Exquisite Events is like jumping into a beautiful story where – with each turn of the page, another exquisite and amazing experience is revealed and you are the one that actually gets to live it, taste it, feel it, fly over it, absorb it, play with it, laugh, dance, or simply sit with it.”

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