When we go travelling we need to find a place to sleep overnight. Depending on the type of trip, this could be a hotel, apartment, camping tent or a relatives house. But some people prefer being a bit more creative and going for unique or exquisite places. 

The accommodation market, like most industries, has high competition and businesses strive to differentiate themselves from others. This is why all over the world we can find different options. From hotels run by robots to some made entirely of ice, this blog will allow you to discover unique accommodations which you might even want to go to next time you travel around the world. So, if you want to find out about unbelievably unique accommodation options around the world, keep reading! 

Robot Hotel – Japan

Beep-Beep-Boop. Or translated to English, welcome to the robot hotel! Japan has shown their technological expertise by creating a hotel fully runned by robots. This means, from the moment you enter the hotel you are greeted by robots in reception, these take your luggage to your room and you are served supper by robots, who also do the cleaning of the dishes and of your room. 

However, apparently this innovative concept has not had the success it expected. Automatization is complicated with many tasks, and that has driven the hotel management to ‘fire’ many of their robots and hire human employees (phew!). 

Ice Hotel – Sweden

Let’s cool down a bit in this splendid place. The Ice Hotel in Sweden is made entirely out of ice! You can choose whether you want to stay in a warm room or in a cold room, and there are many activities to do- from saunas to warm yourself up to ice sculpture workshops!

So just imagine- you have stayed a night in the cold room, and you wake up to a lingonberry juice. You then head to the sauna to fully warm up before a more substantial breakfast. You tour around the hotel or, if you have seen it already, you can go discover the Sami culture and Northern Lights around you or go husky sledding. Options are innumerable! You can also enjoy exquisite meals in their restaurant as well as a drink in the ICE BAR- also made out of ice! 

This place is ideal for a special celebration as a wedding or if you are planning a Trip of a Lifetime to the Arctic Circle!! In fact, if you are thinking about joining us in our trip in February, send us an e-mail asking for more details 😉

Library Hotel

Have you ever spent hours and hours in the library and not want to leave because you cannot take as many books as you would like? There is a solution- sleeping in the library. This hotel in the United States is perfect for bookworms who like a good bedtime story. 

You can choose rooms based on your preferred reading preference. For example, the Mythology Room has books about ancient religions or mythology to read. Staying in this hotel you will definitely have a story to tell! 

Prison Hotel

You have been condemned to… a night in prison! If you know someone who has been naughty then maybe book them a night in the Prison Hotel. Located in Latvia, the Karostas Cietums Hotel will make you feel like a proper inmate. 

You will start by doing some pull-ups, given instructions about your room by the guards and then escorted to your cell. Definitely not for the faint hearted! 

Aurora Sky Station 

Just imagine being in the arctic circle at night watching the Northern Lights. This is what you can expect in the Aurora Sky Station! Raise to the heights in chairlifts that will glide you around while you appreciate this natural phenomenon. 

So, why have we chosen the Aurora Sky Station as one of the most unique accommodation options around the world? Probably for the possibility of getting the chairlift around a National Park which you can get all year round and that gives you the chance of enjoying a panoramic view of the scenery. Completely mesmerising! 

Bubbletent Canarias

Gran Canaria is well known for its beaches and nice weather. However, fewer people know the Canary Islands have one of the best and clearer skies for astrology. This is why Bubbletent Canarias is a fantastic way of doing something different on this island and appreciating the stars. 

The tent is transparent, giving you views of the stars from the bed. Also, enjoy breakfast in bed and the opportunity of doing yoga or meditation in the middle of nature. 

This type of hotel has been spreading around the world and there is a similar one in Iceland called the 5 Million Star Hotel. I can imagine they have a good explanation for their name! 

There are many more accommodation options that have caught our attention and which we think are unique accommodation options around the world. However, we want you to experience them yourselves and comment below about those unique places you have visited!